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Extra Charcoal Grate – make charcoal last longer

Here’s a neat trick I picked up from Gary Wiviott’s excellent barbecue book “Low & Slow” to make your charcoal last longer! Read more »


Lubricate the Barbecue Grate

It’s really important to lubricate the barbecue grate.  Here’s a trick I picked up along the way.  Don’t know when, not sure where, but it works! Read more »


Smokin with Myron Mixon – Book review

Myron Mixon is a character! Most people, were introduced to him through the popular TLC show “BBQ Pitmasters“,  where he stood out as larger than life, bold, brash and somewhat a mercenary. He was also a rebel, railing against traditional barbecue snobbery on the use of lighter fluid to light a fire. For those who found Myron just a bit too brash and cocky, they can be reassured that a slightly softer and more humble character is revealed through the pages of this recipe book which also serves as a mini biography. Read more


Barbecue Safety – Burn prevention

I wasn’t planning to write another article on barbecue safety so soon after my initial post a few days ago, but something happened to me today that made me think “if I can help just one person avoid this mistake, it will be worth blogging about”. Read more »


Barbecue Safety – Disposable barbecues

Here at BBQInsanity we care deeply about barbecue safety. It’s cool to be insane about barbecue but important to be safe too!

Sadly this is not always the case. Last year alone, 7 people in the UK died from carbon monoxide poisoning in barbecue related incidents. They unfortunately made the mistake bringing a used disposable barbecue back into their tent before sleeping.
Read more »


Celebrating 60 years of the Weber Kettle Grill

The Weber kettle grill is now 60 years old.  Nobody knows for sure what day exactly the first kettle went into production, but it all started some time back in 1952.

It was invented by a man called George Stephen Sr. who owned a sheet metal shop in Chicago.  He originally named his invention “George’s Barbecue Kettle” and the genius lay in its simplicity.  It was made with just two sheet metal half-spheres normally used as parts of buoys built in his shop. Read more »


Peace Love and Barbecue – book review

Peace Love and Barbecue

Written by Mike Mills the renowned leader of the legendary Apple City Barbecue team that for a few years in the 1990s won nearly everything there was to win in the world of competition barbecue.  Mills hails from Murphysboro Illinois, which may not seem like barbecue country, but in fact is only 200 miles north of Memphis Tennessee. Read more »


BBQ Drip Tray

In this post we introduce the humble BBQ drip tray.  These are made from thin aluminium and usually come in packs of 5 or 10.  They are inexpensive and disposable, although I’ve found that I can generally get more than one or two uses out of them. Read more »


Cleaning the Barbecue Grate

In this post we discuss an important barbecue technique – How to clean the barbecue grate. This is the cooking grate that the food goes on, rather than the charcoal grate that supports the charcoal. It’s important to clean the barbecue grate before and after each cooking session.   Read more »


Hinged Cooking Grates

Standard grates are fine, they do their primary job of keeping your food several inches above the fire!  But an added feature  is a hinged section at each end of the cooking grate.  Hinged cooking grates can make your BBQ experience a lot more convenient.   Read more »