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July 3, 2012

BBQ Covers

by BBQ Insanity

BBQ covers are essential if you don’t have a place indoors to store your BBQ when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  Even the best quality barbecues made from the finest materials can be damaged by prolonged exposure to the harsh weather elements such as rain and frost.  I usually store my barbecues in the garden shed throughout the winter months, as I know I won’t be using them for a few months.  But come Spring, it’s BBQ time!   But you’ll still want to protect your equipment from the elements, so a good quality BBQ cover is essential to shield against wind and rain.


I recommend a good quality, cover made from heavy material like those pictured above.  As you can see, they are being put to test with heavy wind and rain!

Heavy duty covers have at least three benefits:

1.  The cover won’t rip or tear with prolonged use.  Cheaper covers will eventually let you down.

2.  There’s little chance it will blow away in the wind and you won’t need to tie it down with cables.

3.  The heavier covers have more tolerance for heat.  This doesn’t mean you can put it directly on a BBQ you’ve just finished using, but you won’t have to wait until the BBQ is completely cold before you start packing up.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to save money and buying cheaper BBQ covers.  It’s really a false economy.  You can see from the photos that my BBQ covers are made by Weber.  As soon as you feel the material, you know it’s durable and strong, with the added bonus that they look great!  But even Weber sell  two types of BBQ covers – light weight and heavy duty.   While a reputable company like Weber won’t sell rubbish, I’d still recommend investing a little bit of extra money and buying the heavy duty version.  I’ve never regretted it!

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