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July 17, 2012


Smokin with Myron Mixon – Book review

by BBQ Insanity

Myron Mixon is a character! Most people, were introduced to him through the popular TLC show “BBQ Pitmasters“,  where he stood out as larger than life, bold, brash and somewhat a mercenary. He was also a rebel, railing against traditional barbecue snobbery on the use of lighter fluid to light a fire. For those who found Myron just a bit too brash and cocky, they can be reassured that a slightly softer and more humble character is revealed through the pages of this recipe book which also serves as a mini biography.

Throughout the book, which predominantly provides recipes for Myron’s famous barbecue dishes, there is littered anecdotes of Myron’s life and little glimpses into what makes the big man tick.

That’s not to say that Myron Mixon still isn’t brash and cocky… Sections such as “How much have I won?” and awarding himself the title “The winningest son of a b***h in barbecue” attest to this. But this book has a heart, providing insights into Myron’s tough upbringing and relationship with his father, and relates how he turned his back on barbecue in his younger days, only to return to his roots after his father passed away.

Myron MixonFor those of us with a healthy appetite, we are rewarded with some delicious recipes and stunning photos, including his “world famous” cup cake chicken and his rib recipe that has won him so much success in barbecue competitions up and down the country. The rib recipe is one that I’ve used many times now, and has worked to great affect. His recipes have also led me to make more use of aluminum foil drip pans in my barbecue cooking, which has led to a cleaner barbecue experience!

Smokin with Myron MixonNote, this is not a recipe book for direct grilling on a barbecue. It’s barbecue in the true sense, low and slow, cooking with smoke and indirect heat.

Even without the recipes, at we agree that this book is a great read, delving deeper and revealing more of the character that dominated the TV show!

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  1. Russ Smith
    Sep 28 2014

    Bought your book. Love it! But…. I wish you could have a few recipes or tips for the poorer folk that can’t afford the higher price cuts of meat. Possibly ribs bought at discount. I know that probably makes you cringe. But we all don’t have access to the butcher that sells cuts at top prices. Canada is very expensive

    Also electric smokers. Where are some of the tips for urban smokers who don’t have access to a BBQ pit or large smoker.

    keep the books and tips coming thanks Miron. You helped me make the best ribs I’ve ever eaten.


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