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December 22, 2012

Top 10 BBQ Gifts for Christmas – part 1

by BBQ Insanity

Christmas is not far away now. Here’s a top ten list of barbecue related gifts for the BBQ enthusiast in your life!






10: Poultry stand
Beer can chicken is fun, but not so much fun if your chicken topples over along with your beer! This handy device makes handling the chicken a lot easier, and still makes room for that all important can.







9: A Classic BBQ book
Further your BBQ education with a classic book on Barbecue.  Chris Lily’s book “Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book” is a recent addition to my library and is already a classic.  It’s full of great recipes and gives a comprehensive history of the legendary BBQ joint that bears it’s name.  Full review to come soon!







8: A recent BBQ book
Why not buy a newer book that the BBQ lover in your life may not already have? Myron Mixon is the flavour of the day and his 2011 book is still a best seller.  Read my full review on Smokin with Myron Mixon here.







7: Tool holder
A simple device that does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple but effective. It keeps your spatula and tongs away from dirty surfaces and within handy reach, right next to the body of the BBQ itself.






6: Gloves
Not oven mits but plastic coated gloves for handling hot meats just out of the barbecue. Very easy to wash and gives some protection from hot food. Steve Raichlan does a nice pair.

Click here to see the second part of this article and read about five more great BBQ gifts.

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