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December 22, 2012

Top 10 BBQ Gifts for Christmas – part 2

by BBQ Insanity

The second part of my top ten list of BBQ gifts for Christmas






5: Chimney starter
One of the most useful things you can buy for a barbecue enthusiast. This is the best and fastest way to light charcoal without using the dreaded lighter fluid. Read here and here for more on how useful this piece of equipment is.







4: Barbecue cover
Upgrade your from that cheap and nasty cover to the premium version. Heavy & durable material, great quality, it won’t let you down. Check this article for more details.






3: Wooden planks
Somewhat of a novelty, but isn’t that what Christmas is for? Cook food directly on the board, and the smouldering wood will flavour it. Works well with fish.







2: Skewer set
Grill up some kebabs. Check out my recipes for Pork Kebabs, Lamb Kebabs and Lebanese Kebabs.







1: Cast Iron smoker box
Get that authentic smoky taste even from a gas bbq. Just add soaked wood chips and pop one of these on top of the gas burners to turn your gas bbq into a smoker!





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