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May 8, 2013

Klose BBQ pit

by BBQ Insanity

On a recent business trip to the Google campus in Mountain View, California, I came across this magnificent BBQ pit glistening in the sun.

It was not the smell of smoking pork that attracted me (sadly it was not in use at the time), but rather the sheer size and presence of this awesome structure, standing pride of place in the middle of the campus quadrangle.











It was custom built for Google, by a company called Klose, based in Houston Texas. Check out their website at

This Klose BBQ pit is actually what’s known as a “catering rig”. It’s mobile and can be towed to different destinations, or just around the campus! Judging from the size of it, I’d imagine some serious catering could be done with this!  There’s two or three horizontal drum style grills along with a couple of vertical smokers at each end. It was rigged up to work with gas, but I’m sure it was also ready to work with charcoal too.

Unfortunately, while it was not in use, it was securely locked up. So despite my best efforts, I couldn’t really poke around too much inside it to take a closer look at the grills!

I have no idea how much a piece of kit like this would have cost, but according to the Klose website, the models they produce can range anywhere between a $69 drum grill to a $50,000 Catering Rig. I’m sure this model was closer to the top of that range!

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