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Liquid smoke

Liquid smoke

Always a controversial subject, liquid smoke, like Margaret Thatcher, has always polarised opinion.

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Smokin with Myron Mixon – Book review

Myron Mixon is a character! Most people, were introduced to him through the popular TLC show “BBQ Pitmasters“,  where he stood out as larger than life, bold, brash and somewhat a mercenary. He was also a rebel, railing against traditional barbecue snobbery on the use of lighter fluid to light a fire. For those who found Myron just a bit too brash and cocky, they can be reassured that a slightly softer and more humble character is revealed through the pages of this recipe book which also serves as a mini biography. Read more


Peace Love and Barbecue – book review

Peace Love and Barbecue

Written by Mike Mills the renowned leader of the legendary Apple City Barbecue team that for a few years in the 1990s won nearly everything there was to win in the world of competition barbecue.  Mills hails from Murphysboro Illinois, which may not seem like barbecue country, but in fact is only 200 miles north of Memphis Tennessee. Read more »


BBQ Books

Here at BBQ insanity, we love books about barbecue!   Over the years we’ve collected some of the best bbq books on the market.    In future posts, we’ll be writing more in-depth reviews, and giving you a short list of the ‘must have’ books for BBQ.   Read more »