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Liquid smoke

Liquid smoke

Always a controversial subject, liquid smoke, like Margaret Thatcher, has always polarised opinion.

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Top 10 BBQ Gifts for Christmas – part 2

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Top 10 BBQ Gifts for Christmas – part 1

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BBQ in Israel

Just last week, I was on a business trip to Tel Aviv in Israel.  Tel Aviv is the second biggest city in Israel with a population of about 400 thousand people.  It’s located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline in central west Israel.  There’s a lovely promenade along the beach, follow it far enough along and you’ll get to the ancient city of Jaffa which is only about 2.5 kilometres away.  Even in November it enjoys balmy temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius and a pleasant sea breeze.    In Israel, they say Jerusalem is the religious city, Haifa is the working city, and Tel Aviv is the party city! Read more »