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Barbecue Safety – Burn prevention

I wasn’t planning to write another article on barbecue safety so soon after my initial post a few days ago, but something happened to me today that made me think “if I can help just one person avoid this mistake, it will be worth blogging about”. Read more »


Barbecue Safety – Disposable barbecues

Here at BBQInsanity we care deeply about barbecue safety. It’s cool to be insane about barbecue but important to be safe too!

Sadly this is not always the case. Last year alone, 7 people in the UK died from carbon monoxide poisoning in barbecue related incidents. They unfortunately made the mistake bringing a used disposable barbecue back into their tent before sleeping.
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Lighting Charcoal – part one

The first step for any barbeque is to light the charcoal.  Lighting charcoal can be a tricky business, and success can be quite random, depending on weather conditions, particularly with variable winds.  For a near 100% success rate, I recommend a chimney lighter like the one pictured. Read more »