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The Masterbuilt propane smoker

BBQ Insanity visited Cork  this weekend, to a house far into the Irish countryside, somewhere between a town called Inishannon and the popular tourist town of Kinsale.  A long time friend of BBQ Insanity, Mr. Steve Prior was entertaining, and BBQ was on the menu.
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Pork Shoulder – part three

Welcome to part three of the great Pork Shoulder adventure.  In part one, I described preparation of the meat.  In part two, I took you through the cooking process.  But how did it actually turn out? Read more »


Pork Shoulder – part two

The next stage of the process is to cook the meat!   In part one, I explained how the pork shoulder was divided into two parts – a roundish joint including the bone, and a flat, boneless “slab” .  After bringing the barbecue to a temperature of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, I put on a few pieces of Apple wood, for smoke and adjusted the air vents to regulate the temperature. Read more »


Pork Shoulder – part one

What madness would drive a man to buy a 10lb joint of pork shoulder, and spend a whole day cooking it?

What special blend of crazy drives this behaviour when he knows there’s only himself and his wife to eat it?

10lbs, 14 hours and a week of eating cold cuts…

What form of insanity could this be?   The answer as you know, is BBQ Insanity! Read more »


The Minion Method

Here’s my version of the popular “Minion Method” of lighting the barbecue.   A technique for when you plan a long slow cook and want to get as much out of one load of charcoal as possible without needing to light a new batch mid way through a cooking session.   Read more »


Extra Charcoal Grate – make charcoal last longer

Here’s a neat trick I picked up from Gary Wiviott’s excellent barbecue book “Low & Slow” to make your charcoal last longer! Read more »


Lubricate the Barbecue Grate

It’s really important to lubricate the barbecue grate.  Here’s a trick I picked up along the way.  Don’t know when, not sure where, but it works! Read more »


Barbecue Safety – Burn prevention

I wasn’t planning to write another article on barbecue safety so soon after my initial post a few days ago, but something happened to me today that made me think “if I can help just one person avoid this mistake, it will be worth blogging about”. Read more »


BBQ Drip Tray

In this post we introduce the humble BBQ drip tray.  These are made from thin aluminium and usually come in packs of 5 or 10.  They are inexpensive and disposable, although I’ve found that I can generally get more than one or two uses out of them. Read more »


Cleaning the Barbecue Grate

In this post we discuss an important barbecue technique – How to clean the barbecue grate. This is the cooking grate that the food goes on, rather than the charcoal grate that supports the charcoal. It’s important to clean the barbecue grate before and after each cooking session.   Read more »