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Posts tagged ‘Chimney starter’


The Minion Method

Here’s my version of the popular “Minion Method” of lighting the barbecue.   A technique for when you plan a long slow cook and want to get as much out of one load of charcoal as possible without needing to light a new batch mid way through a cooking session.   Read more »


Lighting Charcoal – part two

We’ve already discussed the advantages of using a chimney starter when lighting charcoal in an earlier post.  But how do you light the charcoal to begin with? Read more »


Lighting Charcoal – part one

The first step for any barbeque is to light the charcoal.  Lighting charcoal can be a tricky business, and success can be quite random, depending on weather conditions, particularly with variable winds.  For a near 100% success rate, I recommend a chimney lighter like the one pictured. Read more »