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Posts tagged ‘Indirect grilling’


Spicy Lemon Chicken

This recipe for spicy lemon chicken is based on an earlier post I wrote called Easy BBQ Chicken.  It’s really the same chicken recipe with a spicy lemon wet rub applied to the chicken before cooking.  A dry rub would just use dry spices. It’s called a wet rub because lemon juice and butter is applied.   Read more


Easy BBQ Chicken

Easy BBQ Chicken means chicken cooked with the minimum of hassle.  The important thing with chicken is to cook it thoroughly while keeping it moist and not drying it out.  Grilling directly over hot coals is fine for thin peices of chicken, off the bone, but for chicken pieces on the bone, an indirect method of cooking is best to ensure the chicken gets cooked through, without burning. Read more »


BBQ Drip Tray

In this post we introduce the humble BBQ drip tray.  These are made from thin aluminium and usually come in packs of 5 or 10.  They are inexpensive and disposable, although I’ve found that I can generally get more than one or two uses out of them. Read more »


Hinged Cooking Grates

Standard grates are fine, they do their primary job of keeping your food several inches above the fire!  But an added feature  is a hinged section at each end of the cooking grate.  Hinged cooking grates can make your BBQ experience a lot more convenient.   Read more »