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Pork Shoulder – part three

Welcome to part three of the great Pork Shoulder adventure.  In part one, I described preparation of the meat.  In part two, I took you through the cooking process.  But how did it actually turn out? Read more »


Pork Shoulder – part two

The next stage of the process is to cook the meat!   In part one, I explained how the pork shoulder was divided into two parts – a roundish joint including the bone, and a flat, boneless “slab” .  After bringing the barbecue to a temperature of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, I put on a few pieces of Apple wood, for smoke and adjusted the air vents to regulate the temperature. Read more »


Pork Shoulder – part one

What madness would drive a man to buy a 10lb joint of pork shoulder, and spend a whole day cooking it?

What special blend of crazy drives this behaviour when he knows there’s only himself and his wife to eat it?

10lbs, 14 hours and a week of eating cold cuts…

What form of insanity could this be?   The answer as you know, is BBQ Insanity! Read more »